Alpha Booster

249 SEK


Alpha Booster from Delta Nutrition is a high dose muscle enhancer with ingredient synergy which promotes the bodies natural muscle growth hormones!

  • Natural growth booster
  • Retain normal levels of testosterone in your blood
  • Quality gains
  • For a hard and strong physique

Alpha Booster contains an extensive complex of naturally potent herbs, including zinc which helps keep your testosterone level optimal in your blood.

Dosage: Take 1 portion (4 capsules) per day. Take half a portion (2 capsules) with breakfast and half a portion (2 capsules) before bed. For best results, use the product for 6-8 weeks, then take a break for 4 weeks.

Ingredients: Extract of fenugreek, Tribulus terrestris extract, extrakt of rosenrot, mushroom extract, stinging nettle extract, capsule (gelatine, dye: e131, e171, glycerol), mineral (zinc gluconate).

Note: The product is only intended for adults and does not replace a balanced diet, and should be used as a supplement to an active lifestyle. Recommended dosage should not be exceeded. Not to be used by children, people who are breastfeeding, pregnant, people with insulin issues, in conjunction with  hypolipidaemic medicine, if you have kidney- or liver disease, or to be used during extended periods of time without consulting a physician. Keep dry, cool and sealed. Shake container before using.

Allergy information: Produced in a factory which also handles milk, eggs and soy.


Per 4 capsules
6 x Efficient Herbal Extract Formula 2800 mg
Fenugreek extract (Androphen 10:1) 1200 mg
Tribulus Terrestris (90% Saponier) 800 mg
Urtica Diocia (200:1) 200 mg
Arctic Root (rhodiola rosea) 400 mg
Zinc-gluconate 15 mg (100%*)